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Books provided:

Mike Holt’s 2014 Master Exam prep book and his 2020 NEC changes

Topics Covered:
  • Basic Electrical Math
  • DC Fundamentals
  • AC Fundamentals
  • Junction box and wire fill calculations
  • Conductor sizing and protection
  • Voltage Drop
  • Residential Calculations for both single and Multifamily Dwelling
  • Motor circuits sizing and overcurrent protection
  • Commercial Calculations
  • Transformers - Delta/Delta - Delta/Wye
  • Welder branch circuit and feeder sizing
  • 4 hour mock exam

Major credit cards accepted!
Contact: Michael Fox
Cell: 317-600-8844
website: www.electricallicenseprep.com

What is zoom?
All you need is a home computer or smart phone,I will send an e-mail invitation and you log in at class time.

What should the student bring?
-Colored highlighters
(This program will prepare you for a 2014 NEC exam.)
-A solar scientific calculator without formula storage features or paper print out capabilities
-Notebook, pencil, pens

What test will the course prepare the student for?
The course is suitable for AMP, IAEI, ICC, local exam boards, NFPA, Professional Testing, Promissor, PSI, SBCCI, Thomson Prometric (formerly Experior) examinations.

Course information:
Class Times - Saturday mornings from 8 am to noon
Class Dates - January 16th, 2021 through April 10th, 2021
Course Fee - $750.00 Major Credit cards accepted
Questions? - Call Mike Fox at 317-600-8844


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